Tips for Umpires

  1. Read your USL Rulebook often during the season. It should be your first resource when you have questions or need clarification.
  2. Read the Umpire Manual.
  3. Find a Mentor
  4. Review the certification process here.
  5. Consider going to the USL Convention typically held in January.
  6. Review rating forms on the US Lacrosse / Arbiter Central Hub before going on the field. 


We all will benefit from mentoring on and off the field. You may request a mentor/mentee or we can assign a mentor to you.

We encourage conversations via phone, email, or text to answer questions and learn from special situations you encounter on the field.

Both of you will earn service points by umpiring games together.

Card Reporting

Be familiar with our full reporting policy and the required report and carry a paper copy of this in your umpire bag so that you are ready to collect information if needed.

Any umpire who administers a red card for any game must notify OWLUA the same day.

Service to OWLUA

USL requires that all umpires provide service to their local board. Click here to view details about service opportunities and points.

Payment Policy and Rates

All information regarding pay rates, payment process, dues, and travel reimbursement.
Click here to view payment policy

Ask An Umpire

We encourage umpires and coaches with general or specific questions about rules, implementing rules, or special situations to "ask an umpire" for clarification. Please send your questions to OWLUA and we'll follow-up with a response.