Pay Rates For Umpires

If an Umpire does a game solo they will be paid 150% of their normal game fee. 

League Play

HS Varsity N/A $47 $58 $65
HS JV N/A $43 $50 $57
U14 Gold (Youth 7/8) $38 $43 $45 $50
U14 Silver & Bronze (Youth 7/8) $35 $43 $45 $50
U12 (Youth 5/6) $28 $36 $40 $40
U10 (Youth 3/4) $20 $20 $20 $20
NWWLL - Two Officials N/A N/A $115 $130
NWWLL - Three Officials N/A N/A $100 $110
PNWLL N/A N/A $70 $92

Jamborees & Scrimmages

HS Varsity $1/minute of play
HS JV $1/minute of play
U15 (Youth 7/8) $1/minute of play
U13 (Youth 5/6) $1/minute of play
NWWLL $1/minute of play

OGLA Travel Reimbursement

Officials will receive $5 per game site for the first 30 miles (round-trip), and will then be reimbursed at $0.54 per mile after 30 miles. All mileage will be calculated from the address provided in Arbiter.

Carpooling will be encouraged for all assignments. If 2 officials carpool on a trip >100 miles RT, the driver will receive the full travel stipend and each passenger will receive 50% of the travel stipend. 

There is a $100 travel stipend if you are required to travel >150 miles RT  *AND* stay the night in order to work games on two consecutive days. Teams will split the cost of this stipend.

OGYLA Travel Reimbursement

Travel will be reimbursed as follows:

  • 35mi RT door-to-door: $3 per site
  • Over 35mi RT door-to-door: $3 + $0.55/mi over the 35 mi

NWWLL and PNWLL Travel Reimbursement

RT Mileage RATE
First 50 mi None
>50 miles RT IRS rate (currently $.535 per mile)

NOTE: Carpooling is always appreciated and will be encouraged by the assignors.

Payment Process

Game Assignment Records

The schedule on the assigning site is used by the OWLUA Treasurer and Assignor to process paychecks. It is the responsibility of the Umpire to ensure that the assigning site accurately reflects the Umpire's games. If assigning site is incorrect, contact the OWLUA Assignor at to get it corrected.

Paycheck Processing

Paychecks will come in the mail. There will be two to three pay periods per season.

  • April 15: All games completed by March 31.
  • May 15: All games completed between April 1 and April 30.
  • June 15: All games completed between May 1 and May 31.

Payment Process for Rating New and Returning Umpires

All new and returning umpires must pass an annual test and earn a current Rating to be assigned to games. The raters/trainers that observe and train new and returning umpires are paid the game rate. The umpire being rated will not be paid for the games they are being trained/rated on. Umpire paycheck stubs will not reflect the games you were trained on. In addition, you will be invoiced for an additional $30 Rating Fee to help cover the cost of the sideline raters.

Payment Corrections

It is your responsibility to review each pay stub detail and confirm it is consistent with what is reported on the assigning site. If games are missing from the paycheck, please contact the OWLUA Treasurer at with your requested correction. The corrections must be made on assigning site before the treasurer can make any changes to your paycheck.


The dues are used by OWLUA to pay the various operating expenses of OWLUA. For example, payroll, website maintenance, marketing, training and continuing education programs. 

Adult Umpires (HS Graduates & older) $50
Youth Umpires (HS Students) $35

What We Charge OGLA

Teams will be billed an estimated amount based on number of home games on the final schedule released on Feb 1.

League Play

HS Varsity $58 per official
HS JV $50 per official


HS Varsity $1/minute of play
HS JV $1/minute of play

Assignor Fee

HS Varsity $35/schedule
HS JV $30/schedule

OGLA Billing Procedures

An estimated bill based on the total number of home games listed on the schedule released by OGLA on Feb 1 will be issued to each program no later than Mar 1. Eighty percent of the estimated bill and the Assignor fee will be due no later than Mar 15.

A final bill will be issued upon completion of regular-season games to each program. Final bill will reconcile estimated bill amount to the rates of the actual umpires that worked each home game. Payment will be due by May 30.

Playoff games will be billed based on level of umpires that worked each playoff game. Playoff invoice will be issued upon completion of playoffs and will be due within fifteen (15) days.

What We Charge OGYLA

All rates below assume 2 officials per game

League Play

U15 (Youth 7/8) $40
U13 (Youth 5/6) $35
U11 (Youth 3/4) $20

Jamboree/Play-Day Fees

Training Sites: $48 per game-equivalent for on-site trainers (one per field)
Non-training Sites: Normal Grade/Age-banded pay scales prorated according to format. (Most play-day sites did 25 minute mini-games.)

Assignor Fee

Umpires provided by team RATE
2 umpires $1 per game per team
1 umpire $1.50 per game per team
0 umpires $2 per game per team

NOTE: In order to get discounted Assignor fee, team must provide umpires that will complete training and take a minimum of five (5) games during the season.