US Lacrosse Women's Game Officials Sub Committee (USL WGOSC) requires all umpires to complete annual training. New umpires satisfy this requirement by attending the New Umpire Clinic. Returning umpires (dependent on rating) must attend one of the following clinics:

  1. New Rules Interpretation Clinic for Local or District rated officials
  2. Beginner Umpire Clinic for Apprentice rated officials

New Adult Umpire Clinics

All new umpires must attend a new umpire clinic. For more information, check out how to Become an Umpire.

Returning Adult Umpire Clinics

Umpires with rated as an Apprentice must attend one of the 6-hour "Beginner" clinics (see above). Locals and Districts must attend on the the New Rules Interpretation sessions. New and Apprentice umpires are highly encouraged to attend these sessions as well.

New Rules Interpretation Sessions for Coaches

OWLUA requests that a coach from every team attend a New Rules Interpretation clinic.

We will not have separate sessions for officials and coaches. We encourage coaches to attend one of the new rules clinics listed above.

Scorer/Timer Clinics

Check with OGLA for score/timer clinic information.