All grievances must be submitted by the team's HEAD COACH within ten (10) days of the event to OWLUA's Code of Ethics Committee using the USL Grievance Form. An official may follow this procedure to alert the Local Board of a concern about a fellow official.

Please forward the form or mail to: PO Box 15114, Portland, OR 97293.

If the grievance is of a District Rated Official or higher then the Local Board Chair will send it to WGOSC Ethics Committee within five (5) days of being submitted. When the grievance involves a Local Rated Official or lower the submission will be reviewed by OWLUA's Code of Ethics Committee within seven (7) days. During those days, the official and grievant will be notified in writing if it was accepted or denied.

If accepted, the official will have a set time of five (5) days to respond. At this time written and oral statements of witnesses will be accepted. If the committee decides there is violation of USL Code of Ethics then they will decide the penalty and notify the grievant, official, and WGOSC. This notification will take place with in thirty (30) days of submission. The official will have an opportunity to appeal.

Grievances against OGLA Head Coaches

In the event an umpire needs to file a grievance against a Head Coach or program with OGLA, please use this form.